Travel Dog



Travel Dog is a dexterity game for dogs. The game comes in the shape a suitcase and contains two games: Dog’ SUDOKU™ Expert Rainbow (which can be taken out of the case) and Game “18”, which describes the grooves in which pieces as well as the treats hidden underneath can be placed. The pieces (2 cylinders, 4 hats, and 2 long cylinders)  can be found in the suitcase. The game also features 2 drawers that are blocked by two long cylinders so that they cannot fall out when the game is picked up and carried.


This game’s level of difficulty, ranging from 1 to 4, can be varied by using more or fewer pieces. As the game consists of 2 parts, 2 dogs can play Travel Dog at the same time. This game trains a dog’s concentration and dexterity, and encourages its natural instincts of curiosity, drive to play and sense of smell. Thanks to its many variable designs this game can be played with beginners as well as more advanced players.

How it works

Step 1: Hide the treats in the desired numbers of places (under the Dog‘ Sudoku sliders, the hats, the cylinders and in the drawers).

Step 2: Encourage your dog to start searching, for instance, by showing it where a treat is waiting.

Step 3: In Game 18“ the dog reaches the rewards hidden beneath the pieces by first removing the cylinders and pushing aside and lifting the hats. If the drawers are blocked by the long cylinders, the dog first has to remove these before it can pull out the drawers, in which treats are hidden. In Dog’ SUDOKU® Expert Rainbow your pet has to move the sliders to reach the treats.

Note: Please take care when opening the game so that the Dog’ Sudoku Rainbow, which can be taken out as necessary, does not fall out, as it is not fixed in Travel Dog.

Additional information

What else should you pay attention to? Trouble is made with certified wood, covered with transparent, water-based varnish, safe for people and dogs. The toy should be protected from moisture, otherwise, the wooden elements might swell and make it impossible for the toy to work. If it does happen, put the game away for a few days and let it dry.

Trouble supports a dog’s natural instincts such as curiosity, playfulness, and sense of smell. This intelligent game ensures your dog is not bored and solves sensible tasks that help develop its intelligence. The bond between you and your pet is strengthened and it can help solve many of your dog’s behavioral problems (e.g. problems resulting from a dog not getting enough tasks suitable to its nature).

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