Trouble is a challenging, interactive toy for medium and large dogs, developed and submitted for patent by My Intelligent Pets®. The game has different levels of difficulty, from easy (1 paw on the scale of difficulty – basic) to very hard (4 paws on the scale of difficulty – Einstein/champion). 

A cube-shaped box with a lid is positioned on a wooden base. There are two slits in the four walls of the box with two matching tiles to move inside them. Both tiles have a string attached at each end to help remove them from the slits. There are holes for treats in the middle of the tiles, which can be covered by cylinders (it locks the tiles in place making the game much more difficult). The base also has holes for two additional cylinders which can be used for fastening strings from the lower tile. That way the game reaches the highest level of difficulty (4 paws – champion). In order to motivate your dog to play “Trouble”, place their favorite treats in the appropriate holes.

How it works

Step 1: Place treats in the base holes. Next, place one tile in the lower slit of the cube. Block it by placing two cylinders inside the string loops at its ends.

Step 2: Place the second tile in the box’s upper slit so that holes in both slits are in the same position. Place treats inside and cover them with two cylinders.

Step 3: There is an additional opening in the center of the upper tile. Hide a treat in it and cover the box with the lid (which has a string attached). Order your dog to start playing. 

Only use dry dog treats which can fit in the provided openings, as motivation for playing. On account of your dog’s weight, take the treats used for playing out of your pet’s daily food ration.


It is recommended to only use one tile and block it with two cylinders in the beginning. That way your dog will learn how to play Trouble. Otherwise, if it fails to solve the puzzle during the first few tries, it may lose interest altogether. Let your pet observe as you place treats in the toy - it will become curious. Never leave a dog alone with the toy. Be patient, show it how the game functions, and motivate it to play. That way your dog will get joy out of playing with you and will also eventually reach the champion level.

We wish you and your dog a lot of joy and success playing Trouble!

Additional information

What else should you pay attention to? Trouble is made with certified wood, covered with transparent, water-based varnish, safe for people and dogs. The toy should be protected from moisture, otherwise, the wooden elements might swell and make it impossible for the toy to work. If it does happen, put the game away for a few days and let it dry.

Trouble supports a dog’s natural instincts such as curiosity, playfulness, and sense of smell. This intelligent game ensures your dog is not bored and solves sensible tasks that help develop its intelligence. The bond between you and your pet is strengthened and it can help solve many of your dog’s behavioral problems (e.g. problems resulting from a dog not getting enough tasks suitable to its nature).

My Intelligent Pets® games are subject to name, pattern, and patent copyright.