Wee Wee Disposable Dog Diapers from Four Paws



Wee-Wee Disposable Dog Diapers

Four Paws Wee-Wee Disposable Dog Diapers offer a convenient solution for managing your pet's elimination needs. Perfect for incontinence, females in heat, excitable urination, and potty training, these diapers ensure your home stays clean and your pet remains comfortable.

  • Comfort: Highly absorbent, comfortable fit that allows pets to move freely
  • Features: Fashion Paws Wetness Indicator changes color to let you know when it's time for a new diaper
  • Protection: Provides leak-proof protection and eliminates urine messes on floors, carpets, and furniture
  • Application: Suitable for everyday use, especially for senior dogs, puppies, and those undergoing house training
  • Sizes: Available in multiple sizes to ensure a perfect fit for any breed

Each diaper is designed for ease of use with a secure-fit adhesive that adjusts to your dog's movements.