Wolfgang DigiFloral Dog Collar



Some people believe we’re living in a digital sub-reality. Not sure, but this semi-pixelated floral design was definitely downloaded from a real human mind before being digitized, uploaded, synthesized, and output to this webbing. Dog’s gonna dig it!

  •   Made with highly durable & abrasion resistant, sublimation printed polyester webbing.
  •   Easy size adjustment to ensure a custom and secure fit.
  •   No-stitch seam construction with tapered ends creates a smooth transition between layers and is much stronger than stitching.
  •   Reinforced nylon side-release buckle with laser-etched logo is curved to match the curvature of your dog's neck.
  •   Collars are Made in U.S.A. using U.S. sourced polyester fiber/yarn which is milled & printed in the U.S..