Yak9 Chews

By Yak-9


One ingredient. One choice.

Yak-9 chews are an all-natural, hard yak cheese made from 100% yak milk with no added ingredients. Our chews originate from the high altitude Himalayan alpine pastures, where our yaks graze naturally on what the earth provides. The cheese is dried using the sun’s heat and smoked over wood fire for months before it solidifies to a hard chew. The product is a delicious, lean, high-protein chew that our dogs love. Originally consumed by the locals in Nepal, this hard chew is perfect to gnaw on as a healthy and savory snack. Today this chew still remains as one of the favorites among the native people. Now satisfy your K-9’s natural urge to chew using the same all-natural, hard yak cheese.

  • Gluten Free.
  • No Lime, Salt, Corn, Soy, Grains, Wheat, Artificial Colors or Flavors.
  • Smoke-dried to perfection.

Available in 4 sizes Extra Small, Small, Medium and Large.

  • Extra Small for dogs under 15 lbs.
  • Small for dogs under 30 lbs.
  • Medium for dogs 30 - 70 lbs.
  • Large for dogs 70 - 150 lbs.