Yeti Nuggets for Dogs (Yaki and Yeti Toy refills) from Yeti Dog Chew

By Yeti


Yeti Nuggets for Dogs

Yeti Nuggets are natural, bite-sized treats made from Himalayan yak and cow milk cheese, offering a high-protein and low-carb snack for dogs of all sizes and ages. These treats can be microwaved to puff up, providing a crunchy texture that dogs love.

  • Main Ingredient: Natural Himalayan cow/yak milk cheese.
  • Health Benefits: High in protein and low in carbs, contributing to a healthy diet.
  • Usage Instructions: Microwave each nugget for about 60 seconds until it puffs up, cool before serving.

Perfect for use with toys or as a standalone treat, these nuggets ensure a fun and nutritious snack time.