Yummy Combs® Ingenious Flossing Dog Dental Treat



Combs, the original SUPER TREAT, is focused on four factors, in addition to great taste, for your pet's best life: Safety, Nutrition, Oral Care, and Wellness. Much of the safety and oral care value is derived from the patented thin-wall construction and novel patented Syzygy 6 Shape to deter gulping, flosses between and around teeth and designed to clean to the gum line to remove calculus. The thin-wall design also preserves volatile ingredient during production. With the addition of the trade marked ingredient Slick'M, it hastens solubility in the unlikely event of a piece of the product becomes logged and also speeds nutrient uptake and digestion.

Yummy Combs come in 5 sizes to ensure dogs receive the proper size treat for their weight classification. This in turn addresses the gulping dog problem, as issue many times associated with the heath concern, pet obesity. The superior Nutrition is derived from 44% superior proteins with all amino acidsand high net protein utilization that together result in low cost per percent protein. This is complemented by the Supercopia of wellness founded on 12 specific ingredients to promote wellness such as in coat shine, joint health and the prevention of odors at both ends of the dog. And Yummy Combs come individually wrapped for safety, preservation, and convenience for carrying in your purse or pocket without contending with odors or crumbs. This is the original complete and balanced dog super treat. Dogs love the taste; owners appreciate the results!

Feed one treat per day. Always feed your dog the right treat for his weight and provide ample fresh water. For adult dogs. Not suitable for dogs less than 5.5 lbs, or dogs less than 6 months of age.

One Yummy Combs per day.

X-Small: 5.5- 12 lbs/ 2.5-5.4 kg
Small: 13-25 lbs / 5.9-11.3 kg
Medium: 26-50 lbs / 11.8 - 22.6 kg
Large: 51-100 lbs / 23-45 kg
X-Large:>100 lbs / 45 kg

Key Benefits:

  • Safety - The shape of Yummy Combs was designed to deter gulping and encourage longer chewing time. In addition, Yummy Combs added a patented ingredient, Slick'M, that promotes a slippery surface to prevent a piece of the treat from being lodged in the esophagus or bowel
  • Nutrition - Yummy Combs contains 44% Animal Protein which offers all the amino acids to build muscle, improve joint health
  • Oral Care - The Yummy Combs shape scrapes tartar and plaque while flossing between the dogs teeth all the way to the gum line
  • Wellness - Yummy Combs has 12 powerful ingredients to promote superior health and your pet's best life. Chicken and Casein contains all essential and non-essential amino acids, Honey for greater immune system response, Salmon Oil for improved joint health and coat shine, and Attapulgite Clay for the addition of minor minerals and aids in the removal of toxins