Diaper Garment Pads


  • ADDED PROTECTION - Simple Solution Light Absorbency Disposable Liners provide added protection and absorption for Simple Solution Washable Dog Diapers & Wraps.
  • COMFY AND DRY - Our light absorbency disposable liners are made from a breathable fabric that keeps your dog dry and comfortable.
  • RELIABLE AND VERSATILE - Made to fit both our washable diapers and male wraps, these liners provide reliable, extra protection for dogs with urinary incontinence, female dogs in heat, or when traveling.
  • QUICK AND EASY - Our dog diaper liners attach quickly and easily to our washable diapers with a handy adhesive strip.
  • A SECURE SOLUTION - Held in place by an integrated adhesive strip, these liners resist bunching up or shifting around inside the washable diaper or wrap.