Glamoratzzi Pom Pom Hair Barrettes

Guaranteed to turn heads and tails! DETAILS:
- Made with genuine mini mink fur pom poms - Approx. 3cm (30mm) (1 1/8”) in dia. - Soft Velvet backing QTY: 1 HOW TO FLUFF THE MINK POMPOMS:
- Grab a ball and roll it up using your thumb, index, and middle fingers to fluff them up. Fabric Adhesive: Should there be any fabric adhesive left behind, simply use an iron or hand dryer with a clean cloth. Place the adhesive spot face down atop your cloth, and iron or blow-dry it until the spot melts and partially transfers to the towel. Wait for it to cool, then move the adhesive stain to another clean portion of the towel and do it again. Repeat this process until the adhesive is gone from the fabric.