Sleepy Cotton - Balm




Sleepy Cotton: Dog Balm

100% Natural Dog Balm

Sleepy Cotton Dog Balms are made of carefully selected, 100% US-sourced naturally derived ingredients proven to provide loads of benefits. The quality is above most premium human-grade products on the market.

Calm & Relax Your Dog the Natural Way

Are you looking for a natural way to calm your pup? As a dog parent, an overly energized fur baby can be exhausting. Our Lavender Balm is formulated to relax your furry friend the natural way. Therapeutic scents of the lavender flower reduce anxiety and stress without the use of harsh chemicals.

Healing Coconut Balm
Protect & Heal Skin

Time for a tropical health boost! Our Healing Coconut Balm is perfectly formulated to enhance a protective barrier while having an anti-inflammatory effect. Ideally designed to help heal minor wounds and burns, psoriasis, contact dermatitis along with eczema by increasing antioxidants and decreasing oxidative stress. If your dog suffers from allergies, dry skin, or itching from any skin condition, coconut oil can now be your daily solution to improving these.

Repel Rosemary Balm
Natural Repel Solution

Ward off pests with our all-day lasting repel balm. Anytime before an outdoor activity, scoop a small amount and rub the entire coat and skin. The scent of natural rosemary and cedarwood essential oils deters irritating pests from coming near your dog and causing them harm.