Wooden Elevated Stand for cats and dogs: Walnut / 56x20x20 cm



Plywood based pet feeding station with food and water bowls holder. Suitable for cats and dogs.

- Healthier feeding stand.

- Bowls fits cat or dog dinner portion.

- Comfortable eating position.

- Reduces strain on pets neck, hips, shoulders and joints.

- Keeps feeding area nice and clean. Easy to wipe under.

- Removable dishes are simple to take out.

- Dishwasher safe.

- Two separate Stainless steel bowls for food hygiene.

- Minimalistic scandi style home detail.

- Modern look banded shape with pets friendly water based varnish finishing.

MEASUREMENTS: 44x17x10 cm (2 metal bowls 13 cm diameter 400 ml) S size 56x20x20 cm (2 metal bowls 16 cm diameter 850 ml) M size 66x24x27 cm (2 metal bowls 21 cm diameter 1800 ml) L size Base material – plywood Real natural wood shades & patterns might be slightly different than you see in pictures.